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How Can External Links Help Your SEO

How can external links help your SEO

External links are an important aspect of SEO. However, doesn’t it seem counterintuitive to link to other websites, as you’ll want users to stay on yours for as long as possible. Not exactly…  Firstly, external links are links that take…

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Crafting An Optimised Page Title

Crafting an optimised page title

Understanding the importance of an optimised page title is something that cannot be stressed enough. It is one of the most important factors Googles uses to find out the context of the page and rank it accordingly. So creating a…

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Webpage Image SEO

The Importance of a Unique Keyphrase

  • 26 March 2022
  • SEO

Your focus keyphrase is the keyword that you assign to your page or post to rank in search engines and it is important you make it a unique keyphrase. If you are keen to rank for a popular or specific…

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Thinking about your SEO Slug

  • 17 March 2022
  • SEO

When considering your SEO, an important consideration is the “Slug” for a particular page. We can’t be sure why it has been called the slug, but we can tell you why it is important and how to make sure you…

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What is Keyword Density?

  • 3 March 2022
  • SEO

Keyword density or Key phrase density is a crucial consideration for search engine optimisation. We wanted to take a moment to look at what keyword density is, and why it is important for your SEO. What is Keyword Density? Keyword…

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The Lettes S E O

How To Optimise Image Alt Text

Adding quality and relevant images to your blogs can attract and keep users’ attention. When doing so, make sure you optimise image alt text as this helps improve the messaging on your page for web crawlers. Additionally, it improves the…

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Laptop Displaying Generic Data Use As A Visual Example Of Strategy Planning For Building You Brand

What is a Meta Description?

  • 17 February 2022
  • SEO

A meta description is a short description of your web pages content that is typically around 150 Characters long. It describes the content of the pages and gives search engines a clear picture of what search terms may be appropriate…

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