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The latest tips, tricks and news from the DigiBubble team.

Video Marketing

Why is video marketing so important?

Taking time to plan and create digital work for your website can really help improve the value of your business. Especially if you start to work on video marketing for your business, brand and products. Video Marketing Yes, an image…

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website performance blog thumbnail

Causes & Solutions For Poor Website Performance

The performance of your website plays a key role in how well it performs when it comes to increasing traffic, lead generation, revenue and conversion rates. Page Size This is the downloaded file size of a given webpage. Having a…

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Combine your SEO and PPC for powerful results

Many websites with analytics and ads don’t seem to think about mixing Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). Website owners will say that they only need one of the two. While it is good to have one…

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Plant growth to symbolise the slow organic growth of an SEO strategy

The benefits of SEO for you business

The impact of a good SEO strategy can sometimes be hard to understand as the results aren't immediate. However once implemented can propel your business further than you thought possible. A good SEO strategy can attract a huge number of…

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colour scheme

Perfect harmony colour scheme for your website

Many brands often get stuck at the point where they may have all the context for their site but they just don't know how to find the perfect colour scheme. So here at DigiBubble, with our digital website design expertise,…

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Common Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

From the outside email marketing campaigns seem fairly straightforward and easy to do, however, there are some common mistakes even large corporations make when executing their email marketing. Here are some mistakes to look out for next time you are…

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