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The latest tips, tricks and news from the DigiBubble team.

The Growth of Animated Logos & Branding

For the most part, logos and branding live the majority stuck in the static world of paper and print. When translated to digital advertising there has not been much evolution beyond some quirky website features or animation that ties elements…

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12 Stats Showing the Power of Good Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Good graphic design shows your commitment to your brand and establishes consistent brand identity. It enables consumers to know who you are and what your business is all about. Get it right and it can catapult your business into the…

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Marketing Funnel

Understanding the marketing funnel

There are different variations of the marketing funnel, in this blog I’ll be referring to the funnel with 5 stages: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action and Loyalty. Awareness The first stage is about creating potential customers aware that your product or…

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content and account manager

Getting yourself a content and account manager

Sometimes running a business, employers and a website can be a lot to handle. That's why here at Digibubble we recommend you get an account manager to free some of your worries. A content and account manager can help you…

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How to improve your website’s bounce rate

Having a high bounce rate can be a sight for sore eyes, it’s like someone steps into your shop has a quick glance and then leaves. As the years have gone by, people expectations of the quality of websites have…

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Optimizing your Meta description

Optimizing your Meta description for the best search results

Under a google search result, you will see a meta description. These meta descriptions help to convince and give your users a chance to see what your page is about before clicking on the link. Optimizing your meta description to…

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