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The latest tips, tricks and news from the DigiBubble team.

Customer Services went digital – Did you?

With an increasing proportion of business conducted online it is becoming vital that companies maintain and manage their online reputation. Digital customer services is typically a system which monitors, reports and resolves any issues raised online and has become a…

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Online Advertising

Online Advertising – 6 Common Approaches

The digital landscape has changed not only how your customers interact with you and your business directly but also shaped the brand message and external perception of your company and its function. It is vital to correctly represent your business…

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Not having Secure HTTPS/SSL website could be harming your business

Not having a Secure HTTPS/SSL website could be harming your business

Are google's plans going to effect how secure people think your website is? We explore why having HTTPs/SSL enabled on your website is now more important than ever.
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Success online all starts on your website

For the first in our series of articles we thought we should start with the absolute basics, your website.  Something that may seem obvious but surprisingly, only 50% of small businesses in the UK can boast having a website. Your…

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Four of many reasons you should be doing social

Social media has evolved into an important part of business digital marketing strategy. We look at 4 key reasons social media can have positive effect.
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Company newsletter – the unsung hero

With all the developments in digital communication methods and evolution of social, the simple newsletter has started to take a back seat.
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