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Streamlining Your Leads and Sales Process: How to Integrate HubSpot CRM on Your Website

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Having a well-optimised website that streamlines your CRM is crucial for business success. One tool that can help streamline your website and enhance its performance is HubSpot CRM. This platform offers a range of features that can supercharge your website, from customer interactions to sales tracking and marketing automation. The best part is that you can get started for free! This makes it the perfect solution for SMEs to use to find their footing in a fully integrated website CRM system.

But, we hear you, one of the most common questions we get from new clients is about CRM systems and how they can be integrated into their websites. So, fear not, we’re here with a simple guide on how to set up HubSpot and why you should be using CRM systems like HubSpot on your Website.

Getting started

Step one would be registering with HubSpot and starting an account with them. Once this is done, you can start adding your team and existing contacts to the database, so that you’re ready for when the integration begins.

Then, you can install the HubSpot tracking code to track visitor behaviour and capture form submissions. To integrate HubSpot CRM with your website, you need to connect your domain to HubSpot. Once your domains are connected, SSL will be turned on automatically. Here’s a great article from HubSpot which goes into more detail about this step.

Adding HubSpot Forms to Your Website

HubSpot forms work with the HubSpot tracking code to capture lead data. HubSpot forms can provide data on how a visitor first came to your site and what pages they have viewed, alongside automatically uploading the leads to your HubSpot database for you to easily find. This allows for better lead segmentation and targeted marketing.

Use HubSpot’s CRM for Growth

Once you have set up HubSpot on your website, you can use its CRM to manage your leads and sales process. HubSpot’s CRM can help you automate tasks such as sending leads from ad campaigns into your CRM, rotating leads, creating deals, and managing your data in bulk.

Other Key HubSpot Features

Alongside forms and contact records being made and stored by HubSpot, there are other features on HubSpot which can allow the growth of lead generation on your website. Take advantage of HubSpot’s Live Chat feature and talk directly with your customers whilst they’re on your website.

AI going through SEO strategiesOverall, HubSpot is a great way to organise and maintain a record of your leads and sales processes throughout your team. Everything is stored orderly in one place and any new leads that come in through your website can be addressed and tracked to see the route the user took before submitting an enquiry. We’re HubSpot partners, so to learn more about CRM systems or help integrate HubSpot onto your website, get in touch with DigiBubble today.

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