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Lead Generation Website – 9 Best Practices for Success

Lead Generation
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We are firm believers that all websites are lead-generation websites, but there are several actions you can take to focus on the development of leads and positive business enquiries for your business through your website. Lead generation websites are a powerful tool for businesses to generate leads. They are built to quickly gain attention, give direction and convert interest into sales enquiries through various contact methods such as email, chat systems, telephone and contact forms.

Lead generation websites also provide valuable insights into customer behaviour which helps businesses make better decisions in terms of marketing and sales strategies. With the recent developments in automation tools, it is becoming quick and efficient to manage the initial qualification steps and help increase the quality of the leads being generated. For the most part, with a few optimizations, it is conceivable that we can adjust an existing website or build a fresh website that meets all the criteria, converts leads and then directly delivers them to your inbox. A lead generation website is designed to offer a little more than a simple brochure website. Lead Generation websites offer a little more information about your company, products and services. This can be a great way of helping them learn more about what you have to offer. The key to success with lead generation is ensuring that each website visitor progresses along a calculated purchasing journey, attempting to capture qualified leads along the way.

Webpage Image SEO, Lead GenerationLead Generation Website Foundation

For a successful lead generation website, it is essential to ensure that your website performs well. This includes ensuring good responsiveness, faster load times and user-friendly interface. These are all important aspects in achieving the desired amount of quality leads.

Build Trust

With a professional, effective website in place, the next step is to build trust. It is important to show your visitors that you are a legitimate company with a track record in your industry. Give your website visitors the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision. Testimonials and a focus on the About page are great ways to generate trust.

Lead Generation Contact Options

It is crucial for you to make contact easy and give your website visitors options for how to contact you, at no stage should your website visitors be wondering how to contact you. Give them clear instructions and multiple options.

What’s your Goal?

Before moving on to more advanced strategies, it’s important to take a step back and consider what the ultimate goal for your lead generation website is.
• What does your ideal lead look like?
• What is the preferred method for contact? Phone, email, or schedule a meeting with sales?
• At what point does your sales team want to make first contact?
Understanding these key points will allow you to keep the focus on the quality and purpose of your lead generation.

Lead GenerationContact Forms

Forms are a great way to collect data from potential customers and determine whether they’re qualified for further contact. They can range from very simple contact forms to complex request quote forms, depending on what kind of information is needed to make the decision. The key to a successful contact form is to ensure you do not overcomplicate the process, only ask for the information you need, and remember, the fewer form fields, the more conversions.

Track each stage of the opportunity

Modern tracking systems like Google Analytics or Hotjar allow you to track several markers within the sales process. From awareness, consideration, intent, decision and purchase, markers can be assigned in order to understand the entire sales process. Once you have a clear understanding of where you are losing out and where you can focus your attention when evolving your lead generation campaign.

man using ecommerce website navigationContent Offers

A proven method for getting the lead generation pipeline flowing is to offer content such as, Guides, E-Books and Whitepapers. The content should work to bolster your business offering and offer at least a partial resolution for the issues that your potential new customer is looking to resolve. What are their pain points? How can your initial contact help cement your business as part of that resolution?

Call to Actions

“Contact Us” is the most common CTA out there and is so common that it has been recorded that it is the least effective CTA for lead generation campaigns. Think about what you would like your prospect to do, and develop your CTA in line with your sales approach. Instead of asking your lead to “Contact Us’, ask them to “Book a Meeting”, “Speak to a member of the team” or “Find out more”. Being a little more creative with your CTAs can allow you to shape how the relationship starts and be a little more direct with your messaging. Don’t be afraid to test different CTA and monitor the differences it can generate.

Lead Generation – Test, Optimise and Evolve

It is very rare that you see a lead generation campaign drive immediate success that falls comfortably within ROI targets. In truth, there is a process of testing, monitoring the reports, optimising and evolving the campaign. Over time, you will build a clear formula for digital success, the aim is to build and market your campaign to deliver consistent success, and once you have that consistency, you can start to explore the scale and growth of the campaign.

Lead generation websites are an essential tool for businesses looking to increase their online presence and generate more leads. They provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, capture customer information, and convert visitors into leads. By having a lead generation website, businesses can increase their visibility in the digital space and nurture potential customers with targeted content. With the help of lead generation websites, businesses can build relationships with customers, create brand awareness and loyalty, and ultimately increase sales. If you would like to talk further about feel free to Book a Meeting with our Lead Generation expert to see what we can do for your business.

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