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6 Lead Gen Methods for Success

Lead Generation
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Companies are trying their best to reach potential customers through different marketing approaches, and lead gen proving to be one of the more popular offerings. However, competition is high, making it difficult to grab the attention of viewers and generate successful leads for a business.

There is a good chance that your business is already undertaking some form of lead gen to gain the attention of new customers. Social media, video, paid to advertise, email newsletters etc are all very common approaches to Lead Generation that are proven to drive success for businesses. When we talk about lead generation, we like to look at the overall picture and explore how all these elements can support a wider strategy. To win with lead generation, the key is to understand the sales funnel and the internal and external factors that influence how successful it will be.

Lead Generation is a collaborative initiative, sales, marketing, business development and management all need to have a clear picture of the ambition and purpose. The approach must be tailored to the business and how the team functions if it can create a lasting impact.

Lead Generation MethodsEmail Marketing

Email Marketing offers huge potential to reach an active, trackable and engaged audience. You can quickly determine if your email recipient is active and over time, your email list should improve and see the success you are driving increase as those that are not engaged fall off the distribution list.
Bombarding potential leads with relentless emails rarely produces the desired results. Incorrect email distribution can raise concerns or suspicions, make sure you take the time to consider and monitor your timing and scheduling.

If you are going to embark on an email marketing campaign for a lead gen, we strongly recommend segmenting your audience into clear groups. MailChimp reports a 14.3% increase in the open rate of email if targeted intelligently. Separating your audience into Geo, Industry, intent, behaviours etc will make a huge difference to the success you see.

Social Media

Social Media has become a huge marketing tool that offers advertisers a wealth of options to support a marketing strategy. Posting content can increase website traffic and have a noticeable knock-on to the leads that your website generates. It is important to consider the social channel you utilise carefully, some are better suited to targeting consumers while others, such as LinkedIn aim to reach business professionals. With a clear picture of your audience and their segments, you can use social platforms to target highly specific audiences.

Lead Generation MethodsContent Marketing

Creating and sharing engaging, informative content could be a more successful way to reach out to potential leads rather than directly using aggressive sales language. We would like to try our best to enlighten and entertain readers, rather than emphasizing too much on promoting a product or service.

Couple your content strategy alongside an SEO campaign to expand and reach your audience, develop brand affinity and gather leads from like-minded people. Content marketing can be seen in blogs, social media posts, and white papers. To further engage with their audience and encourage them to move along the sales funnel, it is beneficial to include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the content.


Video Marketing has become one of the most powerful tools in modern marketing. It is an effective way to communicate with customers, engage them, and increase brand awareness. Video content can be used to explain complex concepts, showcase products and services, or create a personal connection with potential customers.
It is also an excellent tool for delivering targeted messages that resonate with viewers on a deeper level than text-based content. By leveraging the power of video in your marketing strategy, you can reach more people and build stronger relationships with your audience. This builds an excellent foundation for the start of your lead generation journey. With a calculated CTA and video produced with a purpose, you are highly likely to build lead gen success.

Lead Generation MethodsLead Magnets

Offering a free, limited trial or service can be beneficial for gaining potential customers, particularly when your product is of high value when compared to similar products from competitors that are charged. A great way to attract customers is by offering a complimentary audit or test, in exchange for opting into the newsletter or entering the next step in the lead funnel. Giving potential customers something by way of a value exchange has huge benefits, not only for the immediate contact point but for the long-term opportunities it can generate.


Webinars have been steadily gaining traction among businesses to increase their audience base and lead generation. This tool is an amazing way to showcase services, educate potential customers, and create a lasting bond with them. Webinars are also a great way to showcase your expertise and experience, giving prospects confidence in your ability to provide services.

Webinars can be a great opportunity to increase your reach and attract potential customers. It is best to go for a more informational approach than one that is too sales focused. This can help you establish connections with potential clients before they commit to your services, without paying for advertising costs.

If you are considering a Lead Gen campaign or website project, take a moment to consider what mediums you are going to use to generate your leads. In many cases, they should not be considered in a silo, they should work together and allow you to see exactly what medium and message is generating a positive return. We specialise in Lead Generation websites as well as the content and tracking required to make them a success. If you a ready to start winning with your leads, book a meeting with our lead specialist and talk through how we can make this work for you.

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