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The Importance of Marketing in the Customer Lifecycle

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The Customer Lifecycle

The customer lifecycle isn’t much of a cycle. It might be best to look at it as a never-ending spiral. The best way to look at your customers is their lifetime value. Your customer’s first conversion with your business shouldn’t be the last. Conscious effort needs to be made to ensure that these customers stick around for a long time.

Stages in the Customer Lifecycle


This is when marketing your business to the right people really comes into play. Using Google Search or display ads are different methods for reaching new or potential customers. Search ads will target customers that are actively searching for similar products and services that you provide, as long as your campaign is set up right.  While display ads will target customers who might be unaware they need your services but have your business at the forefront of their minds when they go to make a purchase. To read up on how best to use your google ads check out this blog!


This is the part where the marketing you’ve done for your business really comes into play and the customer is actively looking at your business. You need to be on the ball to make sure any enquiries coming to your business are dealt with promptly and answer as many of these potential customers’ questions.


Woohoo! The customer lifecycle stage when a conversion is made! Make sure this stage is as smooth as possible for the customer. You also need to make sure that all your customer’s details are protected accordingly if your business is run online.


Now marketing really kicks in. Use this stage of the customer lifecycle to stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Refresh their interests with marketing emails highlighting new products available to them, or offer deals only available to current customers. It’s all about maintaining the relationship you have with your customers to ensure that they feel satisfied with the care they’ve received from you and know they’re getting something out of staying with you.


All your hard work in marketing and building customer relationships, and selling amazing products come to fruition. The customer starts using your services consistently and even recommends you to friends and family. Free marketing and new customers?! Great!

Retention and loyalty are the two stages that should aim to be continued for as long as possible, spiralling with consistent retention methods and customer loyalty to help your business thrive.

Keeping a good relationship with your customer is important, you don’t want to overwhelm them with emails or ads, but you want to keep them happy and using your services. It’s a fine line to walk but DigiBubble can help you make this work for your business. From gaining new customers with search ads, setting up email marketing campaigns and building retargeting lists the customer lifecycle is easy to handle with DigiBubble at your side.

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