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2023 Marketing Trends

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It’s no secret that in the world of marketing, by the time Christmas comes around, we’re already thinking about the next big event. Be it Valentine’s day or Easter, whatever your next event is, you need to be ready to enter into the new year knowing exactly what the plan is. For this its always a good idea to know what the top Marketing Trends will be.

We’ve put this list together of potential 2023 Digital Marketing trends to help give you some ideas if you’re still trying to catch up on Christmas.

Micro Targeting

The world is getting lazier. We want new products found for us, not to have to go out and search for them ourselves. Micro-targeting is a digital marketing technique that allows businesses to target their marketing messages to a specific group of people. This is already in action for many campaigns, as it uses data about customers’ interests and demographics to create personalised content. 2023 might be the year to optimise this for your business, or if you haven’t tried something similar, give it a go!


How many times have you opened an email from a business, found it addressed to you, and even given you a list of things you’re actually interested in? Quite often? This is becoming increasingly popular as companies focus on the personalised experience of their websites. This new year focus on making your customer experience more tailored to them. Use remarketing tools to see if customers who’ve purchased from you before want to try this new product, chances are, they will!

Interactive Content

This engages customers and encourages them to take action. Interactive content can come in many forms, such as surveys, quizzes, polls, games, and more. By providing customers with an engaging and interactive experience, you can increase customer engagement, build trust, and create a stronger connection with your audience!

Augmented Reality

For a small business, this one is a bit of an investment, but it could be worth it in the long run. AR could range from making a location-based Snapchat filter for people to use around your business, to letting customers try on clothing items or accessories through an app, or even creating virtual tours for customers to view before they arrive. Whatever your business there will be a possible application.

Social Media Stories

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, Stories are a great way to increase brand awareness and build a loyal customer base. Stories provide a unique platform for you to share interesting behindthescenes content, exclusive offers, new product launches and more. By utilizing stories, you can create a more immersive experience for your followers, enabling you to stay connected with your customers and get creative with your messaging.

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