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Success online all starts on your website

Web Design
1. Mobile First Design – Key Considerations
2. Updating your website – 5 Top tips.
3. Success online all starts on your website
4. Tips from a web design agency
5. Web Design – Remembering the Basics…
6. Top tips in choosing a company for Web Design
7. What is a Web Agency?
8. Website Planning & Strategy
9. 5 Reasons why your Target Audience should be your primary consideration when designing a new website.
10. User Experience (UX): The Heart of Web Design
11. How to Design a Website

For the first in our series of articles we thought we should start with the absolute basics, your website.  Something that may seem obvious but surprisingly, only 50% of small businesses in the UK can boast having a website.

Your website is a direct reflection of your business; it enables you to be discovered by new customers and interact with existing customers.  If built well and fit for purpose your website should comfortably be your largest business generator.

Websites for all!

But maybe not. There are numerous businesses where a digital presence is not vital due to the nature of the business as well as the time and effort involved.

While it may not be key for your business function, it is key to have a presence, however simple. Your website allows your customers to find more about you, potential customers to find you and provides a highly effective mode of communication.

Recent developments in web design tools give businesses of any size the opportunity to build personalised, functional sites with very little expense or knowledge needed.

For most businesses, a digital presence is a vital tool for their business function, providing a clear dialogue about the company, its position within its industry as well as numerous additional benefits. There are several reports and studies into audience behaviour and opinion around businesses online.

It is commonly agreed that they are 3 key demands from a visitor.

They want information, they want contact, they want your products or services.  It is important to build your website with these points in mind.

Key benefits of a good website.


A good website will quickly allow your business to be found by old and new customers. Several tools, products and services are available to help increase your visibility through carefully managed content, advertising and search engine optimisation.


The costs of building and hosting a website can be relatively cheap in comparison to traditional media such as TV, radio and print.

Branding & customer engagement

Your website design, content and engagement can be shaped to communicate very specific messages and company information.  It is a direct reflection of you and your business. You are able to shape your branding around your customer interactions with the site, building a close knit community of active customers.

Mobile responsive

All modern websites will respond automatically to the device they are being viewed from.  Mobile internet usage is steadily climbing and offers a unique set of opportunities.

Increased sales

Your website conveys your strengths, benefits and opportunities it is a quick and effective platform to present this information to potential new clients.

Your digital presence can affect your business function, it is vital that you spend the time needed to build correctly. Unless you are technically able, it is recommended that employ professional web design service.  A web design company should be able to provide estimations around costs, technical requirements and timeline for launch.  They should be understanding of your requirements and consider all requirements and goals.

Regardless of the size of your business, your website is the digital representation of your business.  You need to use your website as a tool that will enable your business to operate.  It can provide you sales, align your business with partners easily, advertise, promote and speak to your customers clearly. If given the appropriate on-going attention and actively using it to achieve set goals, it can evolve into a fundamental business tool.

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