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Top tips in choosing a company for Web Design

company for web design
Web Design
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Why do you need a website?

It’s not enough these days to just have a physical store. With a strong online presence, you can reach so many more customers or clients than you could with local advertisements. Having social media might be enough for now, but if you’re looking to grow, then having your own streamlined website built by a web design company is the next step for you and your business.

Why get a personalised web design service

There are plenty of DIY website-building alternatives in the modern day. What websites built using these builders lack, however, is personalisation. Using a professional company for web design will make your website easier to manage in the long run. With technical support and an easy CMS behind the scenes, the advantages of getting your website professionally made are endless.

Top Tips

There are a few key things to look out for when trying to find a company for web design. So here are our top tips on what to look out for when choosing the right company for you.


In consultation with you, the company should sound knowledgeable on the subject they’re discussing. Look for a web design company with a team of experienced web designers who have a deep understanding of your industry, as well as the latest trends in web design. They should be able to explain these things to you with full clarity, answering any questions you have.

Design Process

Any good web design company will make sure that you are the project leader. There should be briefings with you throughout the project and all areas of the build should be tested and approved by you. Make sure that the company you choose will be taking your design into account, but also remember that some things you want might just not be possible.

Portfolio of Work

Looking through the company’s own site, you should be able to see the expertise in their website build. They should also have a clearly laid out portfolio for you to easily find their most recent projects. Many web design companies have their own “style” or way of working. Make sure that this is in line with how you expect your website to look.


Make sure you get a clear idea of how much the web design project will cost upfront. Make sure there are no hidden prices.


Make sure there is a timeframe set in place for your web build. This will help keep both you and the web design company on track.

Responsive design

Statistically, more than half of internet users are viewing websites on their mobile phones. It is therefore imperative that the company you choose for web design is capable of adapting your website for mobile viewing.


Check to see if the company offers support packages. These can range from basic maintenance and updates, to creating additional features on an ad hoc basis.

If you’re looking for a company for web design, why not try DigiBubble? Alongside years of experience creating a wide variety of personalised websites, we offer technical support packages to keep your website going strong for years!

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