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The Different Types of Email Strategy – Part 1: Automated Emails

Automated Emails
Email Marketing
1. The Different Types of Email Strategy – Part 1: Automated Emails
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3. The Different Types of Email Strategy – Part 3: Promotional Emails

Starting email marketing campaigns to build relationships and engage with your clients is one of the easiest investments a business can make. Email marketing can be as simple as a welcome email, or an email thanking a new client for their use of your services. Or be as complex as sending out targeted, personalised emails boosting new products that this specific customer would be interested in. Either way, having that message delivered straight to your client’s inbox is a great way to start a lasting relationship, or build on an existing one.

Email marketing can take many forms and it’s difficult to address them all within a single blog post. This is why, we’ll be putting together a blog series on this topic. Individually addressing the main elements within email marketing and the best practices for you to maximise your customer retention.

You’ll be able to find the links to our other Email blog posts as they’re published at the top of this email.

Automated Emails

We’ll begin this blog series by addressing the simplest types of email marketing a business will look into: Automated emails. This includes welcome emails and thank you emails that you send out to your customers when they purchase from you, sign up for an account or subscribe to a newsletter. These are predesigned and automatically sent out by your Email system when somebody completes a task on your website.

But why do we do it? What’s the point of sending out these automated emails to our clients?

Well, these emails can be used to introduce new clients to your business and show appreciation to existing clients for their loyalty. They also add a more personal touch to your business. The way in which you word these automated emails can help make your new client feel like a welcomed member of the community, or feel sincerely thanked for choosing your business.

Many businesses offer these emails as a courtesy. And, yes, a key part of these emails is to ensure that this client or lead that has made contact does actually exist and this email address works. But it doesn’t have to end there.

There are many reasons why automated emails are a good idea. Especially if you only have a small budget, and can’t afford to run mass email campaigns.

Nurtures your customer

Sending a welcome email instantly makes your customer/client feel welcomed into your business. It’s important to make sure these emails reflect you, your business and how you want the customer to perceive your business. If you want friendly business to customer communication, ensure you word your email this way. If you want to keep things very professional, make sure the formatting and font you use throughout the email reflect this tone.

By sending a welcome email when your customer/client signs up for a newsletter or service you give them a good first impression of what to expect from your business. Make them feel welcomed into a community. And can begin nurturing this lead into a potential sale.

Increases customer retention

When clients feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to continue doing business with you. Sending a thank you email to a client can encourage them to purchase from you again. By thanking them for using your service you can increase your customer retention and start spending less money on retargeting previous customers/clients.

Provides valuable feedback

Automated emails are a great way to receive feedback from your clients. Adding a survey link to the bottom of an automated thank you email, is a great free way to get feedback of how well your website/ business is performing. Adding some incentive, with a chance to win discounts can also encourage these customers to purchase from you again.

In conclusion, sending automated emails to your clients can have many benefits for your business. It can help to build strong relationships, increase customer retention, drive engagement, and provide valuable feedback. By incorporating these emails into your customer communication strategy, you can create a positive and memorable experience for your clients that will keep them coming back for more.

If you’d like help setting up an email campaign, setting up a database or running automated emails, don’t hesitate to reach out to DigiBubble on our contact us page, or give us a call at 02039207727 to find out what we can do for you!

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