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The 100 Group

When approached by The 100 Group to create a digital hub for the leading voices in finance, our team at DigiBubble was eager to tackle the challenge. The group’s stature as the voice of FTSE100 CFOs demanded a web presence that was not only sleek and professional but also robust in functionality to facilitate their influential dialogue on financial and regulatory matters.

Our web development project commenced with a deep dive into the essence of what The 100 Group represents—a conglomerate of expertise and leadership in finance. Our design philosophy was anchored in creating a platform that would be intuitively navigable, fostering an environment where information could be accessed swiftly and interactions could be conducted seamlessly.

Key elements we implemented include:

  • A Clean, Sophisticated Design: Reflective of the group’s professional ethos, we employed a crisp layout, accented with a fresh colour palette that conveys both innovation and trustworthiness.
  • User-Centric Navigation: Aware that The 100 Group’s audience would range from financial experts to policy-makers, we ensured the site’s structure facilitated easy discovery of information, with clearly defined sections such as ‘Consultation Responses’, ‘News & Events’, and ‘About Us’.
  • Responsive and Accessible: Given the mobile nature of today’s users, we delivered a fully responsive design, ensuring the site’s optimal performance across all devices and adherence to accessibility standards.
  • Dynamic Content Areas: The homepage features dynamic content sections like ‘Consultation Responses’, highlighting key documents and dates—vital for the group’s engagement with ongoing financial discourse and policy consultations.

We’ve integrated a content management system that empowers The 100 Group to maintain up-to-date communication with their stakeholders. This website is more than just an information centre—it’s a cornerstone for thought leadership in the financial sector, encouraging informed discussions and decisions that shape economic growth.

What we did

Web design
Bespoke development
WordPress CMS
Website hosting
Ongoing technical support

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