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RH Uncovered is a comprehensive local guide for the RH postcode areas in the UK, providing insights into community events, local news, and lifestyle tips. With a variety of tabs from “Food & Drink” to “Latest Issues”, the site aims to be a one-stop destination for residents and visitors of the RH region to stay informed and connected.

Requirements for the Website:

  • A clean, easy-to-navigate user interface with clear categorisation of topics like “Community”, “Food & Drink”, and “What’s On”.
  • Interactive tabs for different RH areas such as Crawley, Horsham, East Grinstead, and more, allowing users to get area-specific information quickly.
  • A space for advertisements and promotional banners, allowing local businesses to reach their target audience.
  • A carousel or slider feature showcasing featured stories or events to engage visitors immediately.
  • A mobile-responsive design to ensure accessibility across all devices.

Main Features:

  • A responsive top navigation bar with drop-down menus for direct access to various site sections.
  • A rotating carousel on the homepage highlighting important stories or events.
  • A dedicated space for local advertisements to promote businesses and events.
  • An integrated search feature for users to quickly find specific topics or events.
  • A section dedicated to the latest issues, competitions, and jobs in the RH area.
  • Quick links to the most recent and popular posts for user convenience.

What we did

Web design
Bespoke development
WordPress CMS
Website hosting
Ongoing technical support

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