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SuDS Authority

SuDS Authority is at the forefront of promoting sustainable drainage solutions, emphasising the integration of these systems to reduce flood risks in urban and rural settings. Through their comprehensive online platform, they disseminate vital information, resources, and updates related to sustainable drainage systems.

Website Features & Highlights:

  1. Engaging Visual Appeal: The homepage is designed with clear, high-quality images showcasing real-world applications of sustainable drainage systems. This not only captivates the user’s attention but also emphasises the practical implications of SuDS.
  2. Intuitive Navigation: The neatly segmented menu bar ensures users can quickly find the information they’re looking for, be it case studies, events, or resources.
  3. Educative Banners: The central banner, “Reducing Flood Risk Through Fully Integrated Sustainable Drainage Systems,” acts as an informative pitch, quickly conveying the website’s main focus to its visitors.
  4. Call-to-Action Panels: Sections like “Supporting Growth” and “Delivering Consistency” are accompanied by ‘Find out more’ buttons, encouraging users to delve deeper into the offered resources and understand the organisation’s goals and methods.
  5. Surface Water Management Review: A prominent feature on the homepage, it encourages users to read the report, emphasising the authority’s dedication to constant research and innovation in the field.
  6. Holistic Knowledge Base: The ‘Knowledge & Resources’ tab indicates a rich repository of information for those looking to understand or implement sustainable drainage solutions.

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