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Client: Raring2go! is the go-to guide for parents searching for local activities for primary school-aged children. Beginning as a single print magazine, they have burgeoned into a multi-faceted platform, maintaining a formidable online presence with over 100 editions throughout the UK.

Challenge: Our task was to encapsulate the essence of Raring2go!’s vibrant, community-focused brand into a digital experience tailored to engage prospective franchisees. The platform needed to communicate the brand’s successful journey, underline the support and opportunities within the franchise model, and create an intuitive pathway for starting a new franchise, all while maintaining coherence with their existing brand aesthetics and multi-channel approach.


  1. Bespoke Website Design & Development: We crafted a bespoke website with a balance of vibrancy and professionalism that reflects the Raring2go! ethos. The intuitive layout ensures easy navigation, leading potential investors through the benefits, success stories, and unique selling points of owning a Raring2go! franchise.
  2. Franchise Starter Journey: An interactive step-by-step guide was integrated, walking prospects through the process of starting a new franchise. This feature demystifies the journey, highlighting support systems, initial investment breakdowns, and potential returns, thereby building confidence and clarity.
  3. Success Stories & Testimonials: Recognising the power of community validation, we dedicated space to real-life success stories from various franchises. Video testimonials and written interviews are strategically placed to ensure prospects see the human side of Raring2go! franchise family, building credibility and trust.
  4. Interactive Franchise Map: To underscore the brand’s widespread presence and availability of opportunities, we implemented an interactive map of existing franchises across the UK. Prospects can easily view available territories and inquire directly about specific locations.
  5. Responsive Inquiry System: We streamlined the communication process with a built-in, responsive inquiry form, allowing potential franchisees to reach out comfortably. This system is connected to Raring2go!’s CRM, ensuring efficient lead management.
  6. SEO & Content Strategy: Understanding the competitive nature of franchise businesses, we fortified their web presence with robust SEO strategies. Keyword-optimised editorial content, compelling visuals, and informative guides position the platform as an authoritative resource within the industry.
  7. Training & Support Section: Emphasising Raring2go!’s commitment to its franchisees, we included comprehensive sections detailing the training and continuous support provided, illustrating the brand’s investment in its franchisees’ success.

Results: The website has successfully ushered in a new era of engagement for Raring2go!, with significant increases in franchise inquiries and a lower bounce rate. Prospective franchisees now spend more time engaging with success stories and making direct inquiries through optimised communication channels.

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