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The Essential Guide to Key Legislations for E-commerce Businesses

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1. Optimising your ecommerce website navigation
2. The Essential Guide to Key Legislations for E-commerce Businesses

Building your own E-commerce business is hard from the get-go. Here at DigiBubble, we can help you build your unique website and get you set on making your brand an online success. But, there are a few regulations and legislations that you, as the business owner, will need to be constantly aware of. We’re more than happy to jump in any time we see a mistake or issue, but the upkeep of these laws often falls to you.

Not to worry though, these legislations might look pretty intimidating, but so long as you and your business keep up to their standards, and put the proper equipment in place, they’re pretty easy to follow.

Key Legislations

If you already have an E-commerce business, then you should know many of these laws. But, if you’re just starting out in the world of E-commerce then these are the key things you need to look out for before you get going.

We recommend that if you’re seriously considering starting an e-commerce business then you look into these and other laws in greater detail. But this outline should give you a good idea of where to start if you’re overwhelmed by it all.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

E-commerce stores collect various amounts of data and information about their customers, from email addresses to postal addresses and bank details. Keeping this data safe is the responsibility of an e-commerce business.

The laws around this protect your customers from things like identity theft and fraud. And ensures that you are using their data responsibly and for the intended purposes. Keeping in compliance with these laws is in both your and your customers’ best interests. Ensuring that your customer’s details are kept secure and not leaked, intentionally or accidentally, will build up trust between customer and store and encourage more transactions in the future.

Throughout your website, e-commerce or not, it is important to have a privacy notice available for your customers to view as and when they need it. So they know what you’re doing with the data you collect from them and how you’re collecting it.

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Consumer Rights and Trading Standards

Consumers have the right to expect goods and services which are safe, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. E-commerce businesses must ensure that all products they sell comply with legal requirements, such as those relating to health and safety, product information, pricing and refunds.

These standards ensure that you’re providing a safe and secure environment for your customers. This is done by ensuring that throughout your store, you are providing accurate information on the products you’re selling. Ensuring that your customers are aware of their rights as a consumer, and ensuring that they will be protected should something go wrong, for example including a clear return policy on your website.

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Copyright Laws

As an e-commerce business owner, it is important to protect your intellectual property and ensure that you comply with copyright laws. This is especially important if your site is using any advertising and promotions to do with images, videos or even text that could be affected by copyright. It is important to use images that you have permission to use, and images that do not affect trading standards, such as images that do not truly reflect the product that you are selling.

Using other people’s content without permission could prompt legal action to be taken against your business. So, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you’re using the correct content for promotions and throughout your website. 

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If you’re thinking about making an e-commerce website or already have one and would like to give yours a new lease on life, don’t let these legislations get the best of you. Give us a call at 02039207727 or click here, to see how we can make your dream website and help you succeed online.

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