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How to design the perfect logo for your business

design the perfect logo

First off, congratulations on starting your business, and even if you have had it for a while, it’s time to get the perfect brand logo to build awareness around your business.

The Perfect Logo

The capacity behind a logo goes a long way past being only a pretty visual. As the core of your personal brand marketing, your logo ought to address the substance of your organization, and what you do. But just how can we do this? Below are some of the tips we would give to anyone planning to design a logo for the first time.

Find the foundation message of your business

A logo can’t just be made in one hour without any thought. It is recommended to take time to ask yourself questions about your company. Such as; What do we offer? What do my clients ask for the most? How do we do what we do?

You may be wondering why you would ask these sorts of questions, it is simply because other than covering the fact you know the core messages of your business you can relay this when you sit down to start designing a logo.

Choose a design style for your logo

Modern – Nowadays this is the most chosen logo. This is a logo that is very minimalistic, clean and fresh looking. It often has a clear background and different tones of one colour, with the brand name clearly a part of the overall look. This is seen as an up to date logo by some customers especially if your company are trying to keep with the fresh business trends appearing every day.

Fun – Logo’s that are fun, are best for use of a younger generation. You can make them quite cute and quirky with multiple colours that represent the brand.

Hand-drawn – A way of making it completely personal to you is to handcraft the logo yourself. This could bring a bright, home driven message across to your clients.

Classic – These are the most simplistic logos, use to be extremely popular a few years ago. The only thing is the younger generation may see these types of logos as outdated. So it is important to think about it.

Mascot – It would be highly recommended to use your mascot in your logo. If your mascot has its own personality customers will enjoy engaging with your site and what you offer.

Stand out from the competition

Standing out amongst other logo’s from local companies can make your logo remarkable. You need clients to not just see your logo but recall it long after. Attempt to think about certain logos that are especially noteworthy to you. Once you see who your top local competitors are, you can then design your logo making sure it’s going to stand out from the others that already exist. You need individuals to make positive and significant relationships with your logo, and a decent logo is the best approach to achieve this.

Upgrade, but never completely change

Twitter Perfect Logo DesignConcepts of your logo may change over time, you could look at the Twitter logo for example. Twitter’s blue iconic bird went from having feet and looking left. Then onto having two tones of blue with the bird now facing right to even having a little set of hair before the current logo was designed. This development is perfectly fine as it still fits in with the original idea and concept behind the logo but it’s not recommended to change It completely.


Do you have the perfect logo?

The main thing is, as long as it represents your company well, and makes you happy then it’s perfect for you.


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