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JDA Accounts

JDA Tax & Accountancy Services Ltd positions itself as an efficient and affordable tax and accountancy firm, dedicated to serving sole traders and small businesses. They emphasise their specialised knowledge in property taxation and aim to relieve their clients from the burden of tax and accountancy concerns, allowing them to focus solely on their businesses.

Client’s Requirements for the Website:

  • A clean and straightforward homepage with a focal image, in this case, a flying seagull, possibly symbolising freedom from financial concerns.
  • An easy-to-navigate header with tabs such as “Home”, “About us”, “Services”, “News”, and “Contact us”.
  • Direct contact details, prominently displayed, providing immediate communication channels for potential clients.
  • A clear message highlighting the company’s primary offerings and specialities.
  • Call-to-action buttons and sections, encourage visitors to engage and explore further.

Main Features:

  • A serene homepage image of a flying seagull against a blue sky represents the freedom and peace of mind the company offers its clients.
  • Concise navigation facilitated by a clear header, directing users to essential sections seamlessly.
  • A highlighted message, “Leaving you free to focus on your business”, which effectively conveys the company’s core value proposition.
  • Direct call-to-action elements, such as the “Contact us” button, motivating user engagement.
  • Informative content detailing the company’s services, emphasising their low-cost approach, efficiency, and specialisation in property taxation.
  • A section aimed at addressing a common concern, “Are you paying too much tax?”, which can resonate with potential clients and encourage them to seek the company’s services.

What we did

Web design
Bespoke development
WordPress CMS
Website hosting
Ongoing technical support

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