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Sommelier Edit

Sommelier Edit stands as a pioneering digital platform dedicated to the global community of sommeliers. Rooted in the rich tapestry of wine culture and expertise, the platform seeks to connect, educate, and elevate the experiences of wine professionals across borders and languages. With its inception, we endeavour to shape a centralised hub where knowledge, passion, and the art of wine converge, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.


  1. Multilingual Interface: At present, Sommelier Edit offers a seamless experience in both English and Spanish, ensuring wider accessibility and inclusivity for sommeliers around the world. Further language expansions are in the pipeline.
  2. Collaborative Forums: Dive deep into discussions, seek advice, or share unique experiences. Our forums are designed to spark conversations around wine varieties, regions, tasting techniques, pairing suggestions, and more.
  3. Knowledge Repository: Stay updated with the latest research, articles, and insights from esteemed wine professionals and critics. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding or explore new horizons, the content is curated to satiate the most discerning of palates.
  4. Global Networking: Connect with peers from diverse backgrounds, share your expertise, and discover new opportunities. Whether you’re from Bordeaux or Mendoza, Sommelier Edit bridges the geographical gap, ensuring that distance no longer dilutes the essence of wine camaraderie.
  5. Events & Workshops: Stay informed about upcoming wine tasting events, seminars, and workshops happening around the globe. Whether you’re looking to attend or host, our platform facilitates effortless coordination and participation.

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