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Letting technology do the talking

Programmatic advertising and real time bidding (RTB) are the currently the fastest growing digital advertising mediums.  In a nutshell, it is digital advertising that is bought or sold through technology built to encourage efficiency.

There is a difference between Programmatic and RTB, although they are quite commonly attributed as the same thing. Programmatic advertising gives advertisers opportunity to automate their media buying ensuring delivery for their campaigns. RTB refers to the purchase of advertising in real time, employing data insight to shape a bid.


Programmatic advertising is on the rise and is being hailed as the future of digital advertising.  Many large advertisers and agencies agree, building internal teams and platforms to build programmatic opportunities in house.

Real Time Bidding

Technology platforms are integrated to create a tool that can look at each individual ad impression and, based on the data that is available, confirm intent, bid and deliver creative.  Depending on the advertising medium, format and device, information can be pulled and highly targeted and relevant advertising presented.

The most common reason behind the success of programmatic advertising and RTB is the automated decision making.  Some of the biggest companies in digital advertising house large technology platforms designed to quickly find the best supply and demand match according to several factors. The logic and data is normally a closely guarded secret and the backbone of business.

We have the in-house knowledge and experience to assist you with all your programmatic advertising and RTB buying needs.

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