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Pay Per Click advertising is the most common monetisation approach for search engines and the primary driver behind a majority of online activity.  Search and PPC, also know as Cost Per Click (CPC), charges advertisers for each click generated against their advert.  If there is no click or interaction with the advert, nothing will be charged.  Pay Per Click placements are typically positioned alongside keywords or phrases in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo that are relevant to the campaign.  For example, Hotels, insurance, fashion, etc.

Depending on the volume of the inventory available and the success of the keyword performance the price can vary greatly. The advertiser places a CPC bid against specific keywords, once a user clicks the advertiser is charged that value. This amount is carefully considered against competition, performance and advertising outcome.

As with performance advertising, the success and pricing are carefully married and work in tandem. Pay Per Click is highly effective at driving relevant audiences to a website. The keywords and search terms can be carefully managed, ensuring cost efficiently and relevancy.

Optimisation within Pay Per Click and search is a key tactic employed by successful digital advertisers. It is common to prospect a larger group of keywords, monitor the performance activity and bid higher on performing terms. A carefully managed strategy and understanding of the value of the audience being delivered is vital. There are several options available for self-service and managed accounts allowing PPC or CPC.

Pay Per Click (PPC) & Search
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