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Display advertising across a multitude of options

Fundamentally two common terms that represent the same thing. The mode of promotion across a desktop or laptop screen. Separation of this medium is crucial when considering your media buying strategy. There are a multitude of differences in its capabilities, methods and technologies. The more common advertising opportunities within display advertising are search, although it is worth bearing in mind that search is typically dealt with separately.

Banners are the most common advertising format in display advertising.  Pre-agreed positions within websites or digital messages are offered and typically sold on a Cost Per Mille (Thousand) CPM. Every time your banner is loaded onto the website it is registered you are charged, a value is applied to these impressions on a per thousand basis.

Rich media, video, interactive formats and email marketing can all be presented through display marketing.  This can be coupled with some of the most accurate data and targeting options to create a highly engaging advertising message.  The technical strength of desktop also gives advertisers the best opportunity to run and present very complicated messages.

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